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We process your type A minor work license for you.

With so many licenses obtained by our company that we open the option to any resident of Marbella to hire our services to process the minor work license in Marbella. For this we have created a data collection form. We will apply the license as presenters of the license but not as responsible. The fees of this company are for the processing and advice of the work permit, you will be the person who pays the fees corresponding to your work, which will be percentages of the total budget of the work.

In this article we explain how to apply for a building permit at the Marbella Town Hall.

When we start a new business, buy a home or have lived in it for too long and the time comes to face a reform, we cross our fingers so that everything goes well, we are satisfied with the results and we do not spend more money.

Obtaining urban planning licenses in Marbella is a mandatory requirement to carry out reforms or constructions. You can delegate this work to the renovation company you hire or you can do it yourself.

If you decide to do it yourself, pay attention.


Documents to be presented at Marbella Town Hall to obtain a Minor Building Licence:

If you need to apply for a building permit at Marbella Town Hall, please note that these are the documents that will be required:

* Copy of the self-assessment of the urban planning licence fee and the corresponding payment letter.
* Situation plan of the plot in the planning.
* Description of the works / felling / pruning to be carried out and measurement of the different work units.
* Itemised budget for the units of works / felling / pruning.
Other documentation to be submitted:

* Plans, sketches or photographs that are necessary for the definition of the works / felling / pruning.
* In the event that it is necessary to install fixed or hanging scaffolding, a Certificate from a Competent Technician must be presented in which he/she is responsible for the assembly, maintenance and dismantling, as well as the safety measures that the installation must comply with, together with the corresponding Health and Safety Study of the works or, if applicable, Basic Study, endorsed by his/her Professional Association.
* In the case of fitting out premises for a specific use, or refurbishment of the same. When the activity for which the premises are to be used is subject to the environmental qualification procedure, the licence may only be understood to have been obtained when the corresponding favourable qualification resolution has been issued at the time of notification of the works to be carried out. If the activity is not subject to this procedure, the effectiveness of the building permit and, therefore, the possibility of commencing the works, will be subject to obtaining all the favourable reports that must necessarily be issued in the opening licence file before the works begin. In both cases, the Ministry of Development’s Building Construction Statistics form (model C.E.-1) must be submitted, duly completed and signed.
* Reform or extension works that substantially modify the external appearance or that affect the structure will require a technical project drawn up by a competent professional.
* Works located in the Historic Centre or Popular Nucleus must be accompanied by a plan of the existing façade and photographs of the building and its surroundings.
* Applications for licences for earthworks must comply with the provisions of art. 4.6.18 of the Urban Development Regulations of the General Urban Development Plan of Marbella.

Download documents Town planning licences Marbella Town Hall:
Minor works licence, Major works licence, Declaration of responsibility for works…

construction license in marbella responsible declaration in marbella

Types of works for which you need a building license

* Simple works: It is necessary to do the procedure at the Marbella Town Hall, but the supervision of an architect is not necessary. They are simple works, but we need the work permit to be authorized to occupy the public highway when we remove the debris.
* Works with supervision: These are complex works in which the City Council requests a series of more specific permits and for which the participation of architects, experts and engineers is necessary.
* Exempt works: Small works without any complexity that do not need to be communicated in the City Council

How much do I have to pay for a building license at the Marbella Town Hall?

A work license does not have a fixed cost, it depends on the type of work you are going to develop.

These are the costs that you must face when applying for an urban license at the Marbella Town Hall:

– Fee for provision of urban services:

– Fee for exclusive use of the local public domain

– Construction tax.

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