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Reforms of villas in Marbella

Renovating a villa in Marbella is a great opportunity to add value to a home and turn it into a luxury residence.

In a few words, carrying out the comprehensive reform of a villa or chatel in Marbella is the key to increasing the value of the home and making it attractive so that it stands out in the real estate market on the Costa del Sol.

Of course, it is of fundamental importance that the work is executed correctly. Otherwise, you will lose time, money and you will not achieve your goals.

It is important that you keep this in mind when requesting a quote for the reform of your chalet or villa in Marbella.

It is normal that at first the price catches your attention. But keep in mind that this is not the only relevant factor to take into account when carrying out a renovation project. You need quality, that deadlines are met… choose a professional company in the forms and with a demonstrable track record.

If the house you want to reform is located in Marbella, you have a great advantage. It is a luxurious setting.

Now, if you want to enjoy a superior category home or sell it as a luxury home, you need a reform that highlights the full potential of the villa.

Tips for villa renovations in Marbella.

1.Take advantage of the sun

It seems obvious. But if you don’t stop at this point you can miss details that are a real luxury.

The sun and the environment are two of the qualities that define your home as “luxury”. Anyone likes to enjoy the clarity and the sun’s rays, but people who live in cold countries much more.

If the objective of renovating your home is to put it up for sale, you already know that an important part of your target audience is looking to enjoy the sun in Marbella. Seize it.
If the reform allows it, redistribute the different spaces of the house to make the most of the sun’s rays at all times of the year.

The terraces and other areas of the house must occupy a prominent place in the design of the villa. Distribute accessories such as pergolas, swimming pools, Jacuzzis or chill out areas not only in common areas, but also in private ones.

2. Get inspired by Mediterranean architecture

As long as the environment and the original design of the villa allow it, be inspired by Mediterranean architecture.

Basing your designs on the predominant architectural style in the area where the house is located (in this case Marbella) has a double advantage.

On the one hand, it has the aesthetic advantage of being a simple and elegant style that will make the home more beautiful.

On the other hand, you will enjoy the practical advantages and air conditioning by following the canons of the architectural style born to make the most of the homes in Marbella and Andalusia.

3. Less is more

Enjoying space is the true luxury. For decades minimalism has positioned itself as the design trend that best represents the concept of luxury.

Do not saturate your home with non-functional elements or disproportionate sizes.

If you achieve that the final result of your reform is a villa that transmits proportionality, you will have achieved one of the requirements that define luxury homes.

4. Hire a professional company.

Hiring the right professionals is the key for you to be able to bring your villa reform in Marbella to a successful conclusion and enjoy the process, with the project in which you have put so much energy.

5. Quality materials.

If you want a luxury home, make sure the reform of your villa is carried out with top quality materials.

That your home looks in perfect condition for years, the air conditioning, the quality of the electrical or plumbing system, among other aspects, depends on it.


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