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We process your declaration responsible for minor work type A in Marbella

We process your declaration responsible for minor work type A, where it is not necessary to submit extra technical documentation to the form and your identification. Provided that your reform is within the following parameters:

A.1. Coatings and finishes (painting, plastering, plastering, cladding, flooring, waterproofing…) on vertical and horizontal walls, both interior and exterior of the building that as a whole does not exceed 500 m2 of surface, which do not require means to work in height.
A.2. Opening and modification of openings in walls of walls or partitions, as well as small modifications of the partitioning without modification of distribution or change of use, which affect a single dwelling or premises, and the surface of said openings is less than 100 m2.
A.3 Interior installations of buildings (electricity, water, sanitation, gas, telecommunications, air conditioning, security systems…) that affect a single dwelling or premises, with an area of ​​less than 300 m2.
A.4. Cleaning and clearing of lots that does not involve earthworks and does not alter the natural level of the land.
TO 5. Solar fencing using posts and metal mesh.
A.6. Maintenance and upkeep of the existing plot enclosure without changing its dimensions, design or position.
A.7. Maintenance and upkeep works for swimming pools and sports courts.
A.8. Punctual repair of flat roofs, as well as terraces and balconies that do not require means to work at height.
A.9. Improvement and reinforcement of insulation in walls and floors that does not alter the thickness of the walls or the existing free height.
A.10.Cleaning, scraping, painting and finishing of facades or dividing walls, as well as repair of plaster on walls, placement of cladding, modification of coatings and/or replacement of facade moldings, skirting boards and similar elements, which do not require means to works at height, nor do they represent an essential variation of the general exterior composition.
A.11. New placement of interior carpentry, even varying the size of the openings, which does not alter the number or arrangement of the habitable parts
A.12. Placement of locksmith elements or their replacement by others with similar characteristics or dimensions, except railings, which do not require means for work at height.
A.13. Carrying out non-destructive tests on existing buildings, aimed at conservation or rehabilitation works.
A.14. Conditioning of free plot spaces consisting of landscaping works, paving, patio floors, perimeter sidewalks, placement of curbs on land for private use that does not affect any public service or facility or general conduits, nor does it involve earthworks or alteration of the natural slope of the land.

To continue please fill out this form and follow the steps. Thanks.


How much does it cost to process my building license?
To send the form, you must pay the amount of 100 euros, so that we can process the building license for you, on your behalf.

There are already many building licenses obtained from the Marbella town hall, so we know all the paths and obstacles that can be found.

What type of license do they process?
We take in this section, the construction license with type A responsible declaration, in which due to the characteristics of the reform it does not need the contribution of technical documentation, since said reform falls within the parameters of minor work (Parameters expressed in the header of this page).
What is a responsible declaration?
It is a form that is filled out in which you sign as responsible that all the information found in that form is true. The most sensitive information in this case is the type of work that is going to be executed, since this is what decides if it is type A or B. There are some parameters that identify if your reform falls within the terms or not, according to the actions that you are going to do on your property. See the parameters at the top of the page.
Personal identification that I must upload.
In order to process the responsible statement, we will be the submitters of the form, but you are responsible for the work license through your signature on the responsible statement. For this reason and to identify ourselves as owners of the property we have to deliver your DNi or NIE to the Marbella town hall. If you do not have the NIER card and only have a paper receipt from the police station, I must upload the passport along with the pdf of the NIE acceptance letter.
How long does it take to obtain a work permit?
It usually lasts a week since we have all the correct documentation sent by the client. From there we will send you the fees to pay and with the proof of payment we will process your license (this time estimate is for the responsible declaration of type A building license).
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