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Supply and installation of kitchens.

For two years we have been producing and installing kitchens every day. We have within our carpentry department the most expert and conscientious assembly team on the entire Costa del Sol.

Patience and experience are needed to develop the entire kitchen. From 3D to paper, from there to the factory, it is installed and eaten…

As you can see in the photo, we do not put photos bought from the internet, let’s get to the point, we are the assemblers and like all kitchen stores, we disassemble and send to the factory, we treat if necessary, we assemble and that’s it. With our services you have one less intermediary. This is represented in the price.

During the visit for the budget, the kitchen will be measured, the distribution of the kitchen furniture, quality, electrical appliances and kitchen worktop will be agreed upon.

  • Kitchen furniture: Skeleton and doors.
  • Wood quality and finish.
  • Home appliances.
  • Kitchen countertop.

Kitchen design in Marbella.

The concept for the client is easy, its design must be functional. A series of guidelines must be followed to make a functional kitchen, for example: The layout of the kitchen must take into account the distance and order between the fridge, the sink and the hob or similar.

The second thing that the client has to think about is if he wants the finish in gloss or matte.

Third: it is the choice of color.

Fourth: If you want the surface of the wood in anti-fingerprint or normal.

After the general characteristics, the way to open and close the drawers and doors will be decided, choosing between the options of pressing or with a handle, braking, etc…

With the sixth step, choose the type of electrical appliances, and whether they are built-in or not.

The countertop and front. Decide what type of countertop you want and in what color, so that you can finish defining the kitchen and start manufacturing it.

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