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The polishing and polishing of floors in Marbella is one of the most requested services in the renovation sector on the Costa del Sol.

And is not for less. Polishing and polishing the floor is a very profitable investment.

It allows us to have a floor like new without having to lift the old one and place a newly purchased one. With the savings that it implies, not only at the expense level, but also inconveniences: noise, dust, waste.

Of course, polishing and polishing the floor has a cost, but in any case it is always much cheaper than the price we can pay for including the complete renovation of the floor of our premises or home.

In short, polishing and polishing the floor of your premises or home can be very convenient as long as the old floor accompanies the design of the space after the reform.

Renew your floor: Difference between polishing and polishing.

If you think that polishing and polishing floors is the same thing, you are wrong. Here we explain the difference between both tasks. We anticipate that to have your floor in perfect condition you need to carry out both actions: polish and shine.

Polishing the floor: It is what is needed to restore floors made of materials such as concrete, terrazzo, granite, slate or marble that have worn out and have scratches caused by use.

For this, a polishing  machine is used that has the ability to eliminate scratches, defects and stains in general. With this technique, the thickness of the soil decreases a few millimeters, what it really consists of is removing a layer of soil.

In short, polishing the floor is a renovation technique that aims to restore the floor to its original state after a long period of use.

Polish floor: It is what floors need to stay in perfect condition. The process consists of glazing the floor to achieve the desired brightness.

Keep in mind that once you start to enjoy your new floor, after polishing it in the reform of your premises or home, it is time to maintain it.

Find out what is the optimal way to clean the floor according to the type of material: marble, terrazzo… Make sure which products you should use and which ones can be harmful to keep the floor in perfect condition.

Alternative types of soil that you can include in the reform of your home.

Wood: Quality and comfort. High price.

Laminate flooring: Similar to wood, it increases the feeling of warmth. Widely used in reforms for being a quality material and easy to install.

Ceramic: Strong and durable. It has important qualities such as water resistance and that it is non-slip. Great variety of colors, it can even imitate wood.

Hydraulic tiles: It offers solutions similar to ceramics, it is one that can imitate other types of materials, such as wood.

Natural stone: Material that transmits elegance and personality. Cold floor, widely used outdoors.

Rubber: Anti-slip floor, useful, cheap and easy to clean, widely used in wet areas.

Linoleum: Nature-friendly material as it is made up of biodegradable components such as lianza oil. It offers quality and is easy to install.

PVC or vinyl flooring: In addition to being versatile and economical, it has the great advantage that it is not necessary to dismantle the previous floor.

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