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Integral reform in Marbella

Carrying out a full reform means completely renovating all areas of the home (bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, etc…) and all its parts (floors, walls, windows and doors). The integral reform of your home will turn your house into a totally new place and according to your tastes. With the integral reform of your home you will be able to decide the materials and design of your home from the base, being able to invest in those aspects that most require it (good materials for durability).

What does a Integral reform include?

As we already know, when making a comprehensive reform we have to change most of the house, these are the points that are generally renewed:

Electrical system: If the house is very old and no reform has been carried out in 10 years, the entire electrical system will have to be changed so that it complies with the regulations and to be able to be sure that the installation is safe and has the relevant electrical protections. Require your electrical certificate for the electrical installations of your home.

Plumbing: Like electricity, if it is very old, the pipes, downspouts, water intakes and taps will have to be replaced. We always recommend changing all the pipes from the water connection to the devices. You always have to design logically where the equipment that heats the water will be, for the bathroom and kitchen. If it is a villa, it is always recommended to have a boiler room where you can manage and centralize the plumbing, sanitation and heating.

Distribution of rooms: we have the option to modify or create new areas. We can change the distribution of your house, with changes in the partitions and doors. Create more open spaces or room extensions. We have carried out different integral reforms in Marbella, opening the kitchen to the living room. This type of reform is one of the most required jobs. Then comes the idea of building the island between the kitchen and the living room.

Kitchen: We are talking about the kitchen itself, as an area of the reform since it is one of the most important areas of the house. Tiled floors and walls, electrical renovation or adaptation of new points of light, complete plumbing, kitchen furniture, countertop, etc…

Bathroom: renovation of water and electricity connections, tiling of walls and ceilings, ceiling sanitation, installation of toilets, furniture and accessories
Doors and windows: it is advisable to change them to achieve better thermal and noise insulation.

Doors and windows: it is advisable to change them to achieve better thermal and acoustic insulation.

Walls: If you have gotelé, it is recommended to smooth them, so together with the paint you bring a fresh and modern touch to your home. A multitude of materials can be used to reform it and to give it a different touch, with various types of decoration.

Soil:  there are several options for them; floating floors, vinyl, ceramic, marble, analyze the best offer and that suits your needs. Be careful with the floor of your home, you have to plan well the use that is going to be given in each area and the material that you plan to put.

Why choose us to carry out your reform?

If you are looking for a company that takes care of your full reform in Marbella, Marbella Renovation is the right solution for that search; professionalism, speed, efficiency. With quality equipment and work, the best prices on the market for renovations in Marbella and throughout the Costa del Sol.

We provide you with all the necessary advice so that the comprehensive reform of your home is a success and does not become your headache. Offering an excellent team, fully qualified and professionals in each area of ​​work to carry out the integral reform.

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