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Useful tips for refurbishing a bar or restaurant in Marbella.

Renovating a restaurant in Marbella is an investment that, if done well, will pay off in a positive way for those who want to start or improve their restaurant business. You have found the perfect renovation company to renovate your restaurant.

Offering a quality service is the key to success in a restaurant business. Marbella is a powerhouse of luxury tourism, those who visit the city tend to have a high level of spending and aspire to enjoy a holiday with the best services.

Therefore, offering a renovated space that conveys quality is the first step to success with your bar or restaurant.

Mandatory technical specifications for bars and restaurants.

Complying with the mandatory technical specifications is the first objective to be met when renovating a hospitality business. If you do not comply with them, you will not obtain the opening licence and you will face possible sanctions in the future.

* Kitchen walls should be tiled or covered with a waterproof material that is easy to clean and disinfect.

* Kitchen ceilings should be easy to clean, light-coloured and completely smooth.

* The kitchen floor should be smooth and slip-resistant. It should also be waterproof and easy to clean.

* The kitchen should have a properly functioning smoke and steam extractor hood that is appropriate to the characteristics of the space.

* Ventilation system terminations should be covered with insect-proof screens.

* Drainpipes should be odour-tight and covered with gratings.

* The kitchen should have a sink that provides hot and cold water, as well as a sink that can be activated without the use of hands.

* Toilet sinks should be provided with hot and cold water.

* Both men’s and women’s toilets should have a toilet and a washbasin.

* Toilets should be preceded by an anteroom separating them from the rest of the restaurant.

* Bathrooms must have natural or artificial ventilation.

Tips on how to get bar and restaurant design right.

* Exterior decoration: The aim is to make your potential customers fall in love with your image. The saying goes that “we eat with our eyes”. If you internalise this concept and transfer it to the design of your bar or restaurant, you will have achieved a very important part of your path to success. Make your hospitality business stand out and make those who look at it want to come in and eat from the very first moment.

* Focus the design of your premises on a specific theme or style Be creative!

* Facilitate the flow of incoming and outgoing customers.

* Differentiate the spaces: Your customers should know where to go at all times according to the action they wish to carry out. It is also important that the flow of people flows normally and that visitors to your bar or restaurant feel comfortable at all times. As a practical example, think about placing a high bar, where your customers can eat quickly and leave space for new users.

* Study the colours you are going to use, thinking about the psychology of your customers.

* Analyse your competition and offer a different place to what already exists in the area. Analyse all the aspects: furniture, materials, electrical appliances…

* Soundproof the dining room to prevent the noise from the kitchen from disturbing your customers.



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