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To reform a bathroom in Marbella and be successful, you must hire a professional company. We all know that. However, it does not hurt to know the most common mistakes when carrying out a reform of this type, as well as the best solutions. In this way you can ask your renovation company to carry out the actions you really need and control that everything is done correctly.

The bathroom is, along with the kitchen, the place in the house where a reform is most profitable. The rest of the house can be in good condition with a coat of paint and a thorough cleaning.

Take your bathroom renovation seriously, because if you succeed with the task, you can enjoy the comfort and clean feeling for years.

Below is a schematic list of 10 tips that will help you succeed with your bathroom renovation:

1. Put yourself in a situation: How is the day-to-day use of the bathroom in your home? How many people use it? At home, are you more into taking baths or showers? Ask yourself the right questions to design a useful and efficient bathroom.

2. Make a plan of your ideal bathroom: Take measurements, locate the space dedicated to each component of the bathroom, locate where the necessary light points should go… all this will help you when asking for a quote. And what is more important, it will help you convey what you really want.

3. Respect spaces: Keep in mind that the bathtub or shower tray, the toilet, the sink, the bidet… all need their space. It is one of the keys to the comfort you are looking for.

4. Choose the furniture that best suits the space and your needs: Search, compare prices, features and qualities. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, consider making one or more custom-made pieces of furniture. It’s more expensive, but considering that you’re going to use it for years, it’s also more profitable.

5. Lighting matters a lot: The light that each space in your bathroom receives is one of the key factors in the perception that you will have of it once the reform is finished. Do you want some good advice? Design the lighting of your bathroom by levels, you will achieve a relaxing effect and maximum comfort.

6. Choose a professional company: As much as you take great care in planning and designing your bathroom, if the execution is poor, the result will be too. In addition to being professional, the company must have the capacity to carry out the entire reform (electricity, plumbing, masonry…) and have everything you need in its catalog: toilets, bathtubs and shower trays, sinks, bidets…

7. It incorporates heated towel rails to gain space and comfort.

8. Choose a good screen to delimit the bathtub or shower tray: The effect of elegance and the comfort that you will gain will be infinitely superior to those of placing a simple curtain.

9. Choose the colors well: You are going to be using your bathroom for years, providing it with colors with which you feel comfortable will increase your feeling of well-being.

10. Choose suspended furniture: It is elegant and facilitates cleaning.

Ask for a quote to reform your bathroom in Marbella.

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