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Finding the perfect team of bricklayers and other professionals to reform a home in Marbella is one of the keys to the success of the project. But not the only factor that you should take into account.

The main objectives of the housing reforms are to increase the comfort of the properties and revalue their price in the real estate market.

For this reason, reforms are important in all parts of the world, but more so in Marbella. The jewel of the Costa del Sol shines brightly on the international tourism scene. Marbella enjoys a luxurious environment and climate, which attracts tourists and residents with high purchasing power. With a good reform your home can revalue much more than in other markets.

Make sure you follow the correct steps to reform your home in Marbella. Here are 6 tips that can be of great help:


1. Define your idea:

Define exactly what you need. The work must result in a practical and useful space for the home, as well as an aesthetic that fits in with the rest of the property.

If you are going to do a comprehensive reform, think beforehand how you would like your ideal home in Marbella to be. What style would it have? minimalist, Mediterranean What spaces should it have in addition to the basic ones? office, dressing room … Plan every detail.

2. Find a good team of professionals:

The most comfortable and efficient way is to find a single renovation company that is in charge of all the operations of the work. To coordinate bricklayers, electrician, plumbers, etc.

The result of the work will depend largely on the company you decide to hire. Make sure it is professional and that it offers market prices.

3. Obtain the building license:

Complying with the regulations and obtaining urban licenses is mandatory. You can request the building license at the Marbella Town Hall or ask the construction company to take care of it.

4. Get the Electric Bulletin:

All homes are required to have an Electrical Bulletin that certifies the safety of the electrical installation. Home renovation is the ideal time to renew the electrical installation in old buildings and obtain the Electrical Bulletin with a certified electrician.

5. Comprehensive plumbing reform:

As with electricity, before making reforms you should ask yourself if you should take the opportunity to change pipes or downspouts that are old or may cause problems in the future.

6. Decorate to add value:

Smartly applied furniture and space décor can deliver surprising results for your home. It is the most fun part of the reform, but also one of the most important.

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