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Air conditioning your home in Marbella will always mean a notable improvement in the comfort of the property and savings in long-term energy consumption. In short, you will improve the quality of your home and save money on your electricity bill.

You already know the benefits of optimizing the air conditioning of a home, but what is the best way to carry it out?

Tips for air conditioning your home in Marbella

  1. Leave the reform in the hands of professionals. Many ideas, such as air conditioning a home, are fabulous. But they are useless without good execution. Air conditioning a home is a complex task and if it is not done well, you will not achieve your goals. Trust a professional company.
  2. Choose comprehensive solutions. The ideal is to opt for an air conditioning system that provides us with cold or heat, as we choose. In this way you will ensure that your home has a comfortable room temperature throughout the year.
  3. Choose low consumption air conditioning equipment. Fortunately, technology has come a long way in the air conditioning industry and today we can find a wide range of devices (radiators, heat emitters…) that offer high efficiency and low energy consumption. Although quality is paid for, in the long run it is much more profitable and ecological.
  4. Implement devices to control and regulate temperature. This is basic so that the air conditioning of your home does not greatly affect the electricity bill. Once your home has reached an optimum temperature, it is not necessary for the heating or cooling devices to continue working. Your home must be “smart” enough to stop energy waste.
  5. It facilitates ventilation and the entry of natural light. You must create a space that takes advantage of sunlight to favor the heating of the house in winter, but with enough and correctly located windows to create a pleasant thermal sensation in summer.
  6. Apply the best practices in home air conditioning: reinforce the walls with good insulation, incorporate double-glazed windows…
    Limit hot spots. Locate the appliances that generate the most heat and optimize their use so that they contribute as much as possible to achieving the perfect temperature in your home.
  7. Protect your home from the sun. In the summer season, solutions, such as awnings, are a great tool to mitigate overheating in your home.
    Get the Energy Certificate for your home: Once you have made the investment and your home meets the conditions that define a heated home, get the document that proves it.
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