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Carrying out a reform with plasterboard in Marbella can be a quick, simple and inexpensive way to raise partitions that separate rooms, put a false ceiling, reinforce the insulation or simply improve the finish of a work.

Before starting to reform using plasterboard in Marbella, you should read this article in which we define the characteristics of the product and analyze the pros and cons of this material.

What is plasterboard?
The plasterboard sheets are made of laminated layers of plaster and cellulose. These partitions are built prefabricated so that their installation is quick and easy. However, to obtain a good result it is necessary that they be placed by a professional. Although the generic term is plasterboard, the most common is to call it plasterboard.

Are there different types of plasterboard plates?
As in other sectors, technological advances made it to plasterboard years ago to give rise to new types of plasterboard plates that are different from each other. These are some of the most used: * Classic plasterboard: It is composed of a plaster base covered by 2 layers of cellulose.

* Reinforced plasterboard: It is the classic plasterboard plate reinforced with other materials, such as wood, to make it more resistant to all kinds of impacts.

* Anti-humidity plasterboard: The cellulose of the classic plasterboard sheet is reinforced with silicone to prevent moisture from concentrating.

* Fireproof plasterboard: Although plasterboard itself is a fire retardant product, it can be reinforced with fireproof materials to make it even more resistant to flames.

Most common uses of plasterboard sheets

The uses of plasterboard in the reform of homes and premises are innumerable. Here are some of the most common:

* Pladur as thermal and acoustic insulator. The qualities of plasterboard as an insulator are well known, this together with its low cost and ease of installation, make it a preferred option for insulation and soundproofing solutions.

* Pladur for the construction of false ceilings. This is one of the applications in which the material is used the most, due to its low weight. In addition, the finish is perfect and makes it impossible to imagine that it is a false ceiling. It is the perfect solution to hide electrical installations, for example.

* Pladur to improve the finish of reforms. If you want the finish of your reform to be optimal, plasterboard will help you achieve your goal. It is a smooth material ideal for covering interior walls.

* Pladur for built-in wardrobes. If you want a flat, smooth interior with a perfect finish, plasterboard is the material that will help you achieve your goal.


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