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Reforming a commercial premises in Marbella and opening a business entails meeting a series of legal requirements. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Hire a renovation company that, in addition to offering good results, helps you with the paperwork.

The first step is to find a reform company that facilitates the complex process to obtain all the necessary certificates and licenses to carry out the work and obtain the opening license. Ask for a budget without commitment.

  1. Obtain the Certificate of Urban Compatibility 

The certificate is requested at the Marbella Town Hall and certifies that the economic activity you plan to carry out is authorized in your business premises.

There are areas of Marbella where, for example, the opening of nightlife establishments is not authorized. Then you will not obtain the Urban Compatibility Certificate if you request to make a reform to create a nightclub.

It is essential to obtain the Urban Compatibility Certificate before starting the investment.

  1. Obtain the approval of the technical project. 

    It must be signed by the municipal technician of the Marbella Town Hall, the representative of the architecture studio and have the visa of the professional association.

You are only obliged to present a technical project if it is a major work. To carry out a minor work it is not necessary to meet this requirement. 

  1. Get the Activity Project

The Activity Project is the document that guarantees that your commercial premises meet the legal requirements to develop your commercial activity.

The Activity project must be signed by a collegiate professional.

  1. Obtain the building license.

Immediately after obtaining the Activity Project, apply for the Construction License at the Marbella Town Hall. Especially if you need to save time. Because you already know that these types of procedures always take time. Your reform company can help you with this procedure and with any other of those mentioned in this article.

  1. Develops the work supervised by a technician.

Now yes, develop the work and make everything you had in mind come true. Of course, make sure that the work is supervised by a technician who guarantees that everything is done in accordance with the current regulations that you have promised to comply with.

  1. Obtain the Opening license.

Once the work is finished, request the Opening License at the Marbella Town Hall.
When you obtain the opening license, it will be time to open your business.

 We wish you luck with your project!


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