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The installation of accessible ceilings, also known as removable ceilings or false ceilings, is one of the best alternatives to replace conventional ceilings, especially if it is for offices and commercial premises. This ceiling is placed on a suspended metal structure on which the sheets are supported, creating a space between the real ceiling and the accessible ceiling. Currently in the market you find plates with different textures and colors made with wood shavings, metal, plaster or plaster that will be consistent and in harmony with the aesthetics of your office or premises in Marbella, they not only look perfect but also spacious. .

Benefits of making a registrable ceiling or false ceiling installation.

Energy savings: By creating a ceiling, we reduce the entire room, thus reducing the amount of air, whether cold or hot, that circulates through the room and reduces energy consumption.

Acoustic and thermal insulation: There are several types of plates for the installation of an accessible ceiling, some of them are manufactured with materials such as aluminum, plaster, plasterboard and steel, choosing the best option for installation is key. The properties and materials of each of them is what allows it to act as an insulator and not the installation of the roof itself. Even so, we can take advantage of the space that is created between the real ceiling and the registrable ceiling or false ceiling by filling it with materials that serve as acoustic and thermal insulators.

Aesthetics and safety: If the real ceiling has problems of cracks, dampness or chips, the installation of an accessible ceiling is the best option to hide the problems that this ceiling suffers, thus providing a vision and aesthetic sensation of neatness and safety of your premises or office .

Low cost: If you are reforming your office or premises and you want to lower costs this is a good option, although it may seem like a lie, its assembly is cheap and fast. The maintenance of the accessible ceilings is simple and easy to solve if there is any type of humidity.

Suitable for all pockets
Light in the room: By installing this type of registrable ceilings you can place the light points where you need it most, without having to make adjustments, pass tubes, etc. This ceiling gives you the facility to place a lamp in the future since These plates are quick and easy to disassemble. It is also ideal for placing projectors in meeting rooms or fire systems.

If you want to do an installation of registrable ceilings in Marbella either for your office, premises, home, etc … we recommend looking for an expert to advise you, the false ceiling installation is quick, easy and inexpensive as long as you work with specialists. in that area.

At Marbella renovation we work in a personalized way with each of our clients, providing the necessary recommendations and offering them the best option of sheets for the registrable ceiling, in order to meet their needs and expectations to achieve a first-class finish.

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