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Converting a premises into a home in Marbella has become a very profitable investment. This is normal, considering that the Costa del Sol city has been leading the national home price rankings for decades.

It is important that you know the legal requirements to convert a premises into a home in Marbella, as well as the characteristics that the property must have and essential tips to optimize the space. We’ll tell you then.

What are the legal requirements to convert a business premises into a home in the municipality of Marbella?

The legal requirements for converting a property into a home are the same in Marbella as in the rest of Spain:

1. The Town Planning Department of the Marbella Town Hall must approve your technical project.

2. You must apply for and obtain the building permit. Paying the corresponding municipal taxes and fees.
3. Register the change of premises to a dwelling by presenting a Declaration of Cadastral Alteration at the Land Registry.
4. Finally, once the work has been completed, you must obtain the first occupancy licence.

What characteristics must a premises have to be converted into a home?

Not all the premises are valid to change the use to housing. For a place to be habitable as a home, it must have an adequate distribution, a minimum size and a quiet environment that guarantees privacy.

* Size of the home: When assessing the habitability of a home, size matters. You may want the home as your first or second residence or you are thinking of renting. I know whatever the purpose of the house is, it must have enough space to live comfortably.

* Distribution: Open spaces are ideal for projects of conversion of premises into housing, the fewer columns there are, the better.

* Environment: The environment where the premises is located must be quiet, with little noise, little traffic of people and guarantee privacy.

Tips to optimize space when changing from premises to home

* Think about the use that you will give to the different areas of the house: Give more space to the rooms where you will spend most of the time.
* Open spaces: Reduce the walls to the minimum possible.
* The table as a meeting place: If you have enough space, set up a round table. It will improve the integration of the rest of the elements, it is practical and it will facilitate contact between the inhabitants of the house.
* Few and large furniture: Although it may seem the opposite, a small space is preferable to provide it with few large furniture. If we place numerous small pieces of furniture we generate a sensation of visual saturation.
* Custom furniture design can help a lot to save space.
* Think vertically.
* Enhances natural light: The feeling of spaciousness is directly related to the impact of natural light, so it is better to have the greatest number of windows and the least number of walls.


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